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     After tons of rain this season, the weather finally cleared presenting us with a beautiful weekend! A local insect buddy, Joseph, and I quickly took advantage and headed out towards the Santa Cruz Mountains to see what was out and about!

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   We had a litle bit of a late start, hitting the road around 11:45am, but we soon came up to a view that would start our day out right...
   We quickly came across an area that showed promise, but didn't find much here.
   After removing some of the bark on this decaying Pine tree, large emergence holes were evident. There just had to be some Pine Sawyers in here!
   JACKPOT! After examining this tree a bit closer, I spot an adult Pine Sawyer Beetle (Ergates spiculatus)! Unfortunately, it was deceased and tightly wedged in a crevice.
   With careful excavation, and patience, I was able to extract the beetle in almost one piece. This baby measured approx. 3 inches long!

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