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InsectaCulture's very own design of the popular night collecting sheet!
     This is THE ultimate setup for collecting insects at night! Featuring a fully collapsible, easy to assemble/disassemble, lightweight (approx. 10 lbs.) but sturdy ¾ in. PVC frame that's 6 ft. wide x 7 ft. tall, making this a very solid setup! But that's not all...

     From the two bottom stabilizer bars (that keep the frame from swaying left or right), to the four adjustable stabilizer cords (that keep the frame from leaning forward or backward), this is one highly advanced system! And best of all, it's totally FREE-STANDING! That's right, you're able to set this baby up on ANY surface, even concrete! There's absolutely no need to drive poles into the ground or even pound on any stakes! Just quickly setup wherever you'd like and start collecting your precious treasures!

Vertical Canopy! Vertical Canopy! Vertical Canopy!
     When disassembled, there's only 20 pieces with the longest piece being 36" in length. What more could you ask for!? How about something to easily transport this setup.... No problemo. Everything fits nicely into the X-Large Deluxe Duffle Bag that's included FREE!
FREE Deluxe Duffle Bag - 14 x 40
(14" x 40")
     This duffle bag is made of heavy-duty, water-resistant nylon and features self-repairing coil zippers!
Also includes D-rings for optional shoulder strap!


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